Hometown Hero Spotlight: June R Cooper


Each year Blue Hills Bank asks members of the community to nominate local individuals and organizations that have had major impacts on their communities. The top 12 heroes are selected by a committee and featured in the following year’s Hometown Hero Calendar.



April 2017 Hometown Hero


The Reverend June R. Cooper is currently the executive director of City Mission of Boston where she works to prevent family homelessness throughout the city.  Part of what makes June so extraordinary is her dedication to the people of Boston. At her core, she values the promise of what can be accomplished by mobilizing people of goodwill to overcome injustice, and she uses her position as a leader of a nonprofit to do just that every day. Literally and figuratively, she works to give residents of Boston a hand up.


Each Hometown Hero is awarded $1,000 toward a charity of their choice. June R. Cooper is sending her $1,000 donation from the Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation to City Mission.

Thank you, June, for your dedication to helping others in need.