Hometown Hero Spotlight: Lai Chan


Each year Blue Hills Bank asks members of the community to nominate local individuals and organizations that have had major impacts on their communities. The top 12 heroes are selected by a committee and featured in the following year’s Hometown Hero Calendar.


July Hometown Hero Lai Chan


July 2017 Hometown Hero

Lai Chan immigrated to Boston in 1974 and has been providing valuable service to the Chinatown community ever since. She began her career as a teacher at the Kwong Kow Chinese School and the Acorn Childcare Center.  She was instrumental in securing city funding for community nonprofits including the organization that she calls home, the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center.  Lai’s 35 years of passion for helping her community make her a role model in Chinatown, as she continues to be a friend and mentor to many.


Each Hometown Hero is awarded $1,000 toward a charity of their choice. Lai is sending her $1,000 donation from the Blue Hills Bank Foundation to the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center.


Thank you, Lai, for your longtime, and continued commitment to helping the community.