Hometown Hero Spotlight: Jacque Dady Jean


Each year Blue Hills Bank asks members of the community to nominate local individuals and organizations that have had major impacts on their communities. The top 12 heroes are selected by a committee and featured in the following year’s Hometown Hero Calendar.


Hometown Hero Jacque Dady Jean


June 2018 Hometown Hero

Reverend Jacques Dady Jean has been serving the Haitian and Caribbean communities in Mattapan for 35 years. He is the founder of Mattapan Tech, the only workforce development program serving the communities of Mattapan, Hyde Park, Dorchester and Roslindale. Mattapan Tech’s primary goal is to provide low and no cost training and job placement assistance to more than 1,200 students per year. Rev. Jean has been an inspiration to teens by developing a teen job training program that teaches at-risk students how to build, repair and network computers and find job placement. Continually empowering, inspiring and motivating young people of all backgrounds to rise above their challenges to be successful


Rev. Jacques Dady Jean is sending his $1,000 donation from the Blue Hills Bank Foundation to Mattapan/Greater Boston Technology Learning Center, Inc.


Thank you, Reverend, for your ongoing commitment to empowering youth in your community.