Boston Showcase Company Works Hard and Banks Easy


Boston Showcase Company has been family owned and operated since 1913. Specializing in premier restaurant and foodservice kitchen design, equipment, tabletop furniture and supplies, they’ve chosen Blue Hills Bank for their commercial banking needs. We asked Boston Showcase Company’s hard working Alan Starr what sets his company apart from competitors and why they bank with us. Here’s what he had to say.

Alan Starr: This business was started by my grandfather, who was an immigrant from Russia. He started the business as a carpenter which is where the name comes from, Boston Showcase Company.

My grandfather had four sons who all came into the business after World War II and none of them were carpenters. They got involved in selling products that were used in bar rooms and restaurants, and that was a kind of natural transition.

Now we do, as well as restaurant supply, any type of commercial food service equipment. So we supply a lot of institutional food service. We do colleges, we do cafeterias and office buildings, and we supply furniture. We have the biggest selection of tabletops in the area.

When a customer comes in we have people to help them. Sometimes customers come in with no idea what they want and then there are other times when they come in with their chef, who you know has specific menu ideas and solutions he is looking for. Other people come in with designers who are helping them figure out the best solution for them. We have a great show room. People can come in and see what they want; they can come in and choose.

Our family is what makes us different than other people. They’re always available, always accessible. We give customers the best service they can possibly get and that is what we think sets us apart from anyone else.

Work hard bank easy – we work hard here and we are looking to have someone make banking easy for us. Blue Hills has done that for us. There are a lot of intricacies and they’re easily accessible. We can reach them and they’re easy to deal with. That makes it easy for us.