Hometown Hero Spotlight: Tim Finnegan


Each year Blue Hills Bank asks members of the community to nominate local individuals and organizations that have had major impacts on their communities. The top 12 heroes are selected by a committee and featured in the following year’s Hometown Hero Calendar.


Hometown Hero Tim Finnegan


July 2018 Hometown Hero


For the past five years, Tim Finnegan has been the coach of the Milton National Summer Baseball Team. Tim has a unique combination of qualities to coach little league baseball successfully: understanding, patience and trust. Tim’s coaching style brings out the best in each child while instilling the value of teamwork and skill development. Teaching these young athletes has paid off and even made Milton history, as his team was one of the four finalists in the Little League State Championship in 2017! Tim is more than a coach. He’s a mentor who leaves his mark on the young athletes lucky enough to call him “Coach.”


Tim Finnegan is sending his $1,000 donation from the Blue Hills Bank Foundation to the Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation, Inc.


Thank you, Tim, for your dedication as a mentor to local youth athletes.