Hometown Hero Spotlight: Dr. Charles Lowney


Each year Blue Hills Bank asks members of the community to nominate local individuals and organizations that have had major impacts on their communities. The top 12 heroes are selected by a committee and featured in the following year’s Hometown Hero Calendar.


Dr. Charles Lowney - 2018 Hometown Hero (September 2018)


September 2018 Hometown Hero


Dr. Charles Lowney has been a vital part of the Hyde Park community for more than forty years. Ahead of his time in many ways, Dr. Lowney has been bringing accessible health care to Hyde Park since 1974. “Dr. Charles” (as everyone calls him) set out to build a medical center in a burned-out furniture store that is now the Lowney Medical Building. Medicine and helping the whole patient has become a family affair, as three of his eight children have joined his practice and the street across from the Lowney Medical Building was named after his late wife, Irene, who managed his office. Devoted, patient and kind (with a great sense of humor), Dr. Charles embodies what it means to be a good doctor.


Dr. Charles Lowney is sending his $1,000 donation from the Blue Hills Bank Foundation to the Haitian Health Foundation.


Thank you, Dr. Charles Lowney, for your longtime dedication to providing accessible health care to the Hyde Park community.