Acumentrics Works Hard and Banks Easy


Acumentrics, Inc., headquartered in Walpole, Massachusetts, has been a trusted market leader in RUPS™ (rugged AC and DC uninterruptible power sources) for harsh and combat environments as well as heavy-duty industrial applications, since 1994. We asked Acumentrics Chief Executive Officer, John Cerulli, what makes his hard working company unique and why they bank with us. Here’s what he had to say:

John Cerulli: Since I was young, I’ve always wanted to follow my father’s footsteps and be in business. As one of the best mentors of my life, my father was always in business his whole life and I followed those footsteps. If you don’t have your reputation in life- if you don’t have your reputation in business- all else fails. So we pride ourselves on building a successful individual, a successful company, a successful enterprise- based on our reputation and we constantly push to make sure that our reputation is the best.

We like to describe ourselves as a business that is providing power solutions to customers that need power in some of the horrible conditions anywhere in this world. Mission-critical power that is important for their survival, that is important for the execution of their job. We want to be the people that they think of as being able to be the true trusted partner in power solutions.

What makes Acumentrics different is the people that you see here today. Our product is built from the ground up in this building. It’s designed, it’s developed, it’s tested, it’s certified as manufactured, here in America- here in Walpole Mass. And it’s the people here that make the difference.

We have the good fortune of employing approximately 20% of our employee base being veterans who have served our country loyally. We pride ourselves on that. We thank them for their services every day. Not only here at Acumentrics, but what they’ve done for our country. Hiring veterans will continue to be a very large part of the growth of Acumentrics going forward.

Work hard bank easy has a very simple meaning to me- again it allows us here at Acumentrics to focus on our day jobs and actually execute the plan of strategic growth that we want to execute, without having to worry about the banking side of our business. We know we have a partner in Blue Hills that will make our growth easy for us because we can do what we do.