Asset-Based Loans

Blue Hills Bank’s expert Asset-Based Lending (ABL) team can provide your asset-rich company the capital it needs to expand. ABL is an alternative to traditional commercial lending that can provide your business the capital you need to meet significant growth or seasonal demands. ABL is also an option for businesses that may not meet certain criteria lenders generally look for, such as sufficient equity, balance sheet strength, or operating performance.

Our team of experienced lenders promise you a customized solution, fast turnaround and ongoing personalized service to help you succeed. We provide:

  • Revolving loans secured by accounts receivable and inventory
  • Term loans secured by equipment, real estate, and, as appropriate, intellectual property


Is ABL right for your business?

Keith Broyles, Senior Vice President of Asset-Based Lending, shares his insight about the types of companies best suited for ABL.

For more information about our ABL services, call Keith Broyles, today at 617.315.0035, or reach out to one of our other Asset-Based Lenders.